This device will allow you to play Vectrex games while using a Playstation 2 wired controller.
It is fully analog and makes use of both Vectrex joystick ports.
This device was originally built to play Robot Arena with one controller using "two joystick" mode.

The following features are included:
  - Two analog joysticks (one plugged into each port)
  - Centering pots for both joysticks (x/y)
  - Two Tri-Color LEDs used to indicate status
  - Re-mappable buttons (saved to EEPROM)
  - Left or Right Joystick selection
  - "Robot Arena" mode where right and left joysticks are mapped to Port 1 and Port 2 respectively

You can select which thumbstick you would like to use as Joystick 1.
Simply press down on the desired thumbstick button.
In normal operation the LED will light green to indicate the active thumbstick.
Note that this feature is disabled in "Robot Arena" mode.

You can re-map the buttons for joystick 1 and joystick 2.
The new button map will be saved to EEPROM and be recalled at power-up.

1) Press the "START" button (both LEDs will flash amber twice)
2) Select each of the buttons you wish to map in this order:
     a) Joy-1 / Button-1  (left LED will turn green)
     b) Joy-1 / Button-2  (left LED will turn red)
     c) Joy-1 / Button-3  (right LED will turn green)
     d) Joy-1 / Button-4  (right LED will turn red)
     e) Joy-2 / Button-1  (left LED will turn green)
     f) Joy-2 / Button-2  (left LED will turn red)
     g) Joy-2 / Button-3  (right LED will turn green)
     h) Joy-2 / Button-4  (right LED will turn red)
3) The LEDs will alternate green a few times when button programming is complete


Press the "SELECT" button to activate Robot Arena mode.
This mode allows you to:
- use the left thumbstick for joystick 1
- use the right thumbstick for joystick 2

Press "SELECT" again to go back to normal mode.

You can set any of the joystick 1 buttons to rapid fire mode.
Follow this sequence:
1) Press down and hold the desired button that is currently assigned to joystick 1
2) Press and release "SELECT"

The button should be in rapid fire mode.
Repeat the above mentioned process to take a button out of rapid fire mode.
There are no indicator lights to show that you are in this mode.
You can select multiple buttons to place into rapid fire mode.


While in Robot Arena mode you can swap the joysticks.
Follow this sequence:
1) Press and hold the left joystick button
2) Press and release "SELECT"

The joysticks should now be swapped.
Repeat the above process to swap the joysticks back to their original configuration.

By Inserting a jumper between the "SCL" and "SDA" header pins (shown in the picture below) you can enter Vecfever mode.
In this mode the Vectrex<>Playstation adapter can be issued commands from the Vectrex.
The Vectrex communicates with the adapter through Joy Port 2.
Although you lose the four buttons on Joy Port 2 the Vectrex can read both joysticks so Robot Arena mode is still functional.


To update the firmware please follow this link ==> UPDATE FIRMWARE